New Bridal Sarees

    In most areas of India saree is still used as a bridal wear.Designers made bridal saree with heavy sequin and motifs work.The latesest bridal saree fashion 2011 are available in a wide range of different prices. Wedding is a big day of every girls life and she want to look preety and stylish. First just keep in mind the design and stuff of saree then go to market for shopping. .Bridal Saree is still considered to be one of the most graceful and sophisticated saree of Indian and Pakistani women. Indian Bridal Sarees are mostly used in Indian Wedding. A saree, sari, or shari is a strip of unstitched cloth that extends from four to nine meters long and draped over the body in various styles.

    As the most common practice, wrap it around the waist then drape over the shoulder to expose the midriff. For the upper garment, wear a short backless or halter-necked blouse with short sleeves and a plunging neckline known as a “choli” or “ravika”. An underskirt or petticoat called “pavada/pavadai” in the south, and “shaya” in eastern India usually accompanies the Saree. As a whole, Sarees can be highly accessorized with mirrors, embroidery, and many other frills, and is therefore good for any occasion, but is essentially ideal for weddings.

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