Eyes Make-Up Hot Look

    First of all, make sure your skin is glowing and healthy-looking so it reflects youth. For this, pay extra attention to the makeup base. No makeup looks good with visible skin issues or unwanted dark circles around the eyes. Therefore, your most reliable friends should be the moisturizer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and powder. Eyes are everywhere for fall, and the look has never been fresher because they are being done in every shade from classic charcoal to soft brown, and even vibrant shades like plum or teal. Eyes is not a color, it is a technique; or rather many techniques.

    Here is one of my favorites from makeup artist Christian McNally. It looks fierce and only takes about five minutes. Have faith. it may look like a hot mess when you are halfway through, but it comes together magically in the end. Blending is the key.

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