Eyes Make-Up New Look

    A woman is a gift of art. Ancient Greece women apply incense on their eyebrows and eyelashes to make them appear darker. At present, we have the convenience of eyeliners and mascaras for our beauty enhancers. You can even go for more glamour using false eyelashes and contact lens to change the color of your pupils. The first thing that you will need to get the best Asian eye makeup is the brow bush. It is used to apply eye shadow to the brows. It usually has stiff and angled bristles that are short.

    Brushes that have a mix of natural and synthetic bristles are better than those that are synthetic as it doesn’t spread the color evenly to the brows. With deep-set eyes, the problem is making the winged tip look like an extension of your eyelashes fairly than a clumsy line on the outer part of your eye. With slightly patience and observe, you will quickly be able to take flight with those attractive, winged eyes.

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