New Look Eyes Make-Up

    One of the most difficult methods to master in makeup application is those done on the eyes. Wearing eye makeup is a bit tedious as it requires precision and art all at the same time. The right blend and shade should also be achieved as they will also make or break your eyes. And by knowing how to put on eye makeup properly, you will sure get glamorous, soulful or poppy eyes, depending on how you want your eyes to look. If you have tired looking eyes or red eyes from eyestrain (plain, if you spend much time on the computer) line the inside of your eyes with toned leather lining.

    Some makeup artists recommend using white eyeliner, but a skin tone looks more natural and subtle. Then you will apply the darkest eye shadow color to give your eyes some depth. Like the medium shade, start at the inner corner going to the outer edge. Just follow the lines of the crease so you won’t be lost. Then blend the dark shade with the medium shade in order to soften the demarcation lines.

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