Girl Jeans

    Incredibly youthful and sexy! so women Fornarina for the upcoming Fall-Winter 2011/2012. The Italian company, famous for its fantastic jeans, wanted to slightly change the design and put you at girls between 25 and 35, and getting appropriate  proposals based on the one hand, to go to work, and secondly, to look at our leisure. The specialty of Fornarina  are your jeans. From personal experience I can say I feel great, although I know that for many are a bit expensive.

    The new collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 is loaded with jeans of various shapes and gaudy clothes, only suitable to wear at night and become the sexiest disco. A collection full of looks of all types, covering all the trends that we see the next winter. Constant  fashion pictures and flowers, but with new versions, the military-style black is stylish evening gowns.

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