New Bridal Makeup

     The Chinese, Japanese and Thai have creaseless eyelids. The trick of the eye has improved to further to redefine the eye. Asian eyes may darken the shadows and dynamic due to darker complexions. Otherwise, the technique of applying the composition is the same as that used in the eyes of the Caucasus. Use an appropriate color for the mascara as well. This thing is in most of the cases a dare for the red haired, because most of the mascaras are dark. Also, when we apply the eye color and the mascara you have to take into account the tone of your skin.


    Dark shadow is still in force before the nuances of light and the look is completed by defining the eyes with eyeliner. The lashes regular crease-less right eye can be looped with a stick or curling mascara, it is mascara cum Curler and it is a second option is to use pre-curled lashes. You can apply lashes with glue along the lash line, starting from the outer edge to the inner edge.

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