Latest Bob HairStyles For Girl

    The bob hair cut has been used by women around the world for over 100 years. It has evolved into numerous variations to fit women with straight, curly, thin or coarse, short, medium-length and even long hairs. The modern bob hairstyle has even been personalized to suit different face shapes, making it an easy manageable hair cut for all women. If you’re looking for information about the types of bob hairstyles, the best bobs for curly hair and the celebrity-favorite bob styles, such as the inverted bob and layered bob, you’ve come to the right place!

    The back of an inverted bob hairstyle is worn tapered, stacked, and close to the neck.  It has more height and fullness because of this type of cut.  The inverted bob hairstyle can have a side part, middle part, bangs, no bangs, long, short, or medium lengths.  It can be layered, curled, tapered, layered and flipped. 

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