New Spice HairStyles For Girl

    The former Spice Girl (who obviously was the first to deny pants among the current Lady Gaga-led revolution) recently met with Sir Philip Green, who owns the Topshop line. In all honesty, when any celebrity pops in for a cup of tea with the British billionaire, there’s a very good chance that there’s a Topshop line to follow. Baby Spice likes to keep her hair in a toned down state and where she basically has a bob haircut, there’s a little more of a variation to it than that.  Razored, texture layering is done along the bottom of Emma Bunton medium length, to give this look some style and movement.  Spice Girl, is looking quite sassy in her stylishly, straight hair.

    Her tanned skin seems to blend right into her hair color which shines within its golden shade.  Parted asymmetrically with long layers, her fringe of bangs gracefully sweep to one side.  Pumped with lots of filler from her sunshine hair color, the fully embodied strands have been pressed with a flatiron to spend its fullness in straight fashion.

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