New Bob HairStyles

    The classic Bob style is back in vogue and it is a revival of the fashions of twenties, thirties and forties. The Bob hairstyles can either be traditional or trendy and modern. The modern bob is slightly longer with blunt cut or it can be rock-chic styled. Victoria Beckham wear different Bob styles, and most of them are gorgeous. In Every year and season, hairstyles change, which may have been caused by the trend of celebrities or also by the season itself.fall 2011 Bob hairstyle casual lets you look stylish and trendy. Bob hairstyle gives the impression of sporty casual and simple, making it suitable for people who have high activity.

    Try a Bob hairstyle and see if you do not feel instantly stylish and up to date. Good for any women’s ego!Kim Caldwell rocked a plunging neckline and a blonde Bob hairstyle for the Grammy’s. This Bob features a slight side-part and front bangs. Here are more photos of cute celebs and their best Bob hairstyles:

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