New Bob HairStyles For Girl

    This variation of the bob is good for those women who have slender bodies. In order to achieve this look, the hair is trim right midway between the chin and the shoulders. The ends and the bangs are cut straight. The eyebrows should almost touch your eyebrows. This look can be very dramatic in the sense that the lines of this hairstyle are sharp. There is also a variation to Cleopatra hairstyle, it is done through cutting the hair jaggedly across in order to give a Gothic look. Another variation of the bob is the layering. 

    This hairstyle frames your face quite and you can even style your hair using minimal effort. Just be sure the ends are curl out pointing to the same direction. As to what direction the ends should curl up, it is all up to you. Curling out your layers can be a little bit daring but the choice is definitely yours. This is one good bob variation because you can simply wear this hairstyle anywhere.

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